RLH in the Mexican Stock Market

Mexico, D.F., November 5, 2015

RLH Properties, S.A.P.I.B. de C.V., whose listing key is “RLHA”, made its Primary Restricted Public Offering representative of 42.14% of its share capital on the Mexican Stock Exchange. The Primary Restricted Public Offering from RLH Properties, S.A.P.I.B. de C.V., consisted of the issuance of “A” Series shares, at a price of MXN$15.15; the amount thus placed totalled MXN$451 million pesos. The placement broker was Vector Casa de Bolsa, S.A. de C.V. RLH Properties, S.A.P.I.B. de C.V. will use the net resources obtained from the offering to develop the Mandarina project, which consists of the construction of the One&Only Mandarina hotel in the Nayarit Riviera. This luxury hotel will have approximately 108 rooms on 34 hectares of waterfront land.

Some of the resources will also be used for general corporate purposes.

RLH Properties, S.A.P.I.B. de C.V. made a Primary Restricted Public Stock Offering in the Mexican Stock Exchange on November 5, 2015.
It is the first S.A.P.I.B. to be placed on the stock market derived from the amendments to the current regulation.

RLH Properties is a clear example that midsize companies can finance their growth in the stock market.