Privacy Notice

In compliance with the Federal Law on the protection of personal data in the possession of individuals, we inform you of the following:

RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PERSONAL DATA. “RLH Properties, S.A.B. de C.V.” (hereinafter called “RLH PROPERTIES “) per se or any of the companies that are its controllers, subsidiaries or affiliates, whose registered address is Av. Paseo de la Reforma 412, Piso 21, Colonia Juárez, Delegación Cuauhtémoc, C.P. 06600, Mexico City, Mexico, believes in protecting personal information (“Personal Data”) involving individuals (hereinafter “the Holder”), and is responsible for processing it whether it is gather from the internet site or other websites operated by the liable party (the “Site”), or from print media or via phone (hereinafter “Other Media”).

PURPOSE OF THE PROCESSING. RLH PROPERTIES may request and/or collect through the Site and Other Media, Personal Data of the Holder for the primary purpose of being able to comply with any requests or statutory or contractual obligations that may link it with the Holder or when requested by competent authorities (hereinafter “Processing”). RLH PROPERTIES and/or any person in charge that ends up involved in any stage of the Processing of Personal Data shall maintain confidentiality with regard thereto and shall process them as instructed by the liable party and this privacy notice, according to the legal provisions applicable in the United Mexican States (hereinafter “Mexico”). RLH PROPERTIES may process the Personal Data of the Holder for the secondary purposes of marketing, advertising and market research, and to invite him to participate in RLH PROPERTIES’ social networks, or for purposes that are not necessary for the existence, maintenance and the compliance with the legal relationship that may link it to the Holder.

PERSONAL DATA PROCESSED. The personal data requested from the Holder is: • Name • Email • Phone The Holder shall not be able to access the services that require his Personal Data when this is not provided. However, he shall have access to the other Services that do not require it. According to the type of legal relationship linking the Holder to RLH PROPERTIES, the latter may process additional personal information which shall be identified when they are collected and/or processed. In any case, unless otherwise notified in advance, the terms of this notice shall apply equally to its processing.

CONSENT. The entry and/or registration through the Website and/or through Other Media implies the consent of the Holder for the processing of his Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Notice.

MEANS TO LIMIT THE USE OR DISCLOSURE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION. RLH PROPERTIES has physical, technical and administrative security means for the protection of the Personal Data of the Holder. Notwithstanding what is set out in the Consent section, RLH PROPERTIES shall implement the special provisions, measures and actions it considers necessary with the aim of safeguarding the right to personal data protection of minors and people with disabilities. If you want to stop receiving promotional messages via email and/or in print and/or via telephone from RLH PROPERTIES, you may request this through:

WEBSITE DISCLAIMER. The Website may contain hyperlinks or hypertext links, banners, buttons and/or tools for searching the World Wide Web that, when used by the Holder, take him to other internet portals or sites that could be owned by third parties. Any personal data the Holder may provide through these internet portals or web sites are not covered by this Privacy Notice and processing it is not the responsibility of RLH PROPERTIES. We recommend that the Holder check the Privacy Notices that appear that are applicable to these internet portals and websites. The Holder may find on the Website pages, promotions, microsites, virtual stores, surveys, job banks and other services may be shared with third parties and in which they can request Personal Information (hereinafter “Third Party Sites”). Any information related to the personal data provided through the Third Party Sites shall be subject to the respective privacy notices contained in each of them, unless RLH PROPERTIES otherwise specifies. PROPERTIES RLH PROPERTIES advises Holder that some services on the Website may include, as examples but without limitation, discussion forums, personal websites, classified ads, emails, chat rooms, etc. Therefore, any personal data revealed through these means may, in some cases, be accessible by third parties. RLH PROPERTIES shall not be liable for the use, publication, release or disclosure done with regard to the Personal Data used, published, released and/or disseminated through the aforementioned media. We recommend that the Holder be careful and responsible about any personal information he gives in those media.

TRANSFER OF PERSONAL DATA. RLH PROPERTIES may transfer the Personal Data of the Holder to those in charge, either inside or outside the country, including companies that are affiliates, subsidiaries and/or related to RLH PROPERTIES to enforce the purposes of the processing and, if applicable, any legal provisions requiring it, or when requested by competent authorities. Those in charge who receive the information related to the Personal Data of the Holder are obliged to comply with this Privacy Notice and the Terms and Conditions of the Website and of legislation applicable in Mexico. Should RLH PROPERTIES transfer Personal Data to third parties, except he opposes this clause, RLH PROPERTIES shall consider by virtue of this section that it has his consent to this transfer in legal terms.

MEANS FOR EXERCISING THE RIGHTS OF HOLDERS OF PERSONAL DATA AND THE REVOCATION OF CONSENT. The Holder may request to exercise his rights to: • Access to his Personal Date; • Correct his Personal Information when inaccurate or incomplete; • Cancel his Personal Data; • Oppose due to legitimate reason the Processing of his Personal Data, and/or • Withdraw his consent for the Processing of his Personal Information at any time, for the purpose of ceasing the use thereof. However it is important to take into account that we cannot meet his request to cancel his Personal Data, oppose the Processing or withdraw his consent, as it is possible that due to some legal obligation we must continue to process your Personal Data. The Holder shall consider that for some purposes the withdrawal of his consent shall entail the suspension of the service or his relationship with RLH PROPERTIES. The exercise of the rights of access, rectify, cancel or oppose Personal Data and the Withdrawal of the consent done by the Holder shall only be made following a request to RLH PROPERTIES and contain at least the following: • The name, address and e-mail to share for notifying the response to his request; • The documents certifying the identity or, if applicable, legal representation of the holder; • The clear and precise description of the Personal Data for which the Holder seeks to exercise any of the rights mentioned above (in the case of rectification, the amendments to be made must be indicated and the documentation supporting the request provided); • Any other element or document that facilitates the location of the Personal Data.

For the purposes of the forgoing, RLH PROPERTIES provides the Holder with the following email: RLH PROPERTIES shall respond to the Holder’s request within no less than 20 working days after receipt of the corresponding request via the email which has been provided for this purpose.

COOKIES AND WEB BEACONS. With the goal of improving the Holder’s Website experience, RLH PROPERTIES may use cookies. For the purposes of this Privacy Notice “cookies” shall be identified as the text files of information that a website transfers to the Holder’s computer hard disk to store certain information. RLH PROPERTIES may use “cookies” for a better understanding of the interaction of the Holder with the Website and the services provided. The Site may allow advertising or functions of third parties that send cookies to the Holder. The use of cookies does not personally identify the Holder, only his computers. For their part web beacons are images inserted in a website or email that can be used to monitor the behaviour of a visitor, such a store information about the Holder’s IP address, browsing time, duration of interaction time on the Website, sections consulted, Internet pages accessed prior to ours and the type of browser used. The Holder may change his options through his computers and/or browsers to stop accepting cookies or web beacons, or to confirm whether or not they accept them.

SENSITIVE PERSONAL DATA. In accordance with current Mexican legislation, data “able to reveal things like racial or ethnic origin, present and future health status, genetic information, religious, philosophical and/or moral beliefs, trade union membership, political opinions, sexual preference” is known as “Sensitive Personal Data”. Should RLH PROPERTIES require Sensitive Personal Data, the Holder must provide his express consent.

CHANGES TO THE PRIVACY NOTICE. Any change or update to the Privacy Notice shall be published on the Website and shall be automatically effective.

The date of the last update of this notice is 01 November 2017.