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Presentación de Road Show del IPO15/06/2015

Evolution of the share on the stock market

Since the date of the liquidation of our shares on the Mexican Stock Exchange, i.e. 6 November 2015, the listing of our shares on the Mexican Stock Market has never been suspended. In addition, while the CPI was approximately 11% in this period, the price of RLH shares had a return of approximately 12.2%. In accordance with the scale of the BMV, the bursatility level of our shares during their first year listed was “minimal.”

Our shares are listed in Mexico, where they are listed and traded on the Mexican Stock Exchange under the “RLH A” listing key.

Below is a chart containing a comparison of the performance of our shares to the BMV’s main indicator, the CPI (Consumer Price Index) indexed to 6 November 2015, the date on which the shares in our initial public offering in the Mexican Stock Exchange were liquidated and ending 31 December 2015: